Wade Surname DNA Project


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Haplogroups in blue are predicted while those in green have been confirmed by testing.

Participants whose values are in color shaded boxes are related. 

The markers in blue are slow moving, those in pink are fast, and those in red are very fast.  Those that are fast have shown a faster mutation rate than the average, and therefore these markers are very helpful at splitting lineages into sub sets or branches within the family tree.   

People who are in different haplogroups cannot be related within the range of short term genealogical interest which is the period from 950AD forward (950 AD) as that is when surnames started being used. 

If two people match exactly on all of the markers except for one or two and those markers that mismatch have been determined to mutate more quickly, then this mismatch only slightly decreases the probability of the two people sharing a common ancestor.