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Welcome to the WADE surname DNA project!

Genealogists world-wide are now using DNA research to find connections between their ancestors.  The links above will take you to pages that explain how DNA is used to find ancestors, facts about DNA tests, definitions for the terms used in DNA testing, the results so far with testing for the WADE Surname DNA Project, a list of the patriarchs (oldest males) for the participants in the project, how to join the WADE project, and news/miscellaneous. 

This web site will not publish any information that will directly tie any testing results with any living individual. This policy will hold even though there is little to no impact to be found from having these numbers published. 

 The key objectives of the WADE surname project are as follows:

This website contains enough information for you to learn as much about genetic genealogy (DNA) as you wish, however, you do not have to know anything about DNA to participate in the project.   Also, you do not have to have a conventional document genealogy to participate but you will gain more from the project if you do have a document genealogy as you will be able to compare your document genealogy to that of other participants that you match.  

Whether you decide to participate or not, we will be happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have about this science called genetic genealogy.  

As of March 4, 2017 we have 123 participants in the project.  The Family Tree DNA web site for the Wade Surname DNA Project indicates that we have 114 participants but that does not include the 9 additional participants that have tested at a lab other than Family Tree DNA. 

Many of the participants have found a match and in some cases more than one match thus forming a branch of the Wade tree.  You may make such connections but only by participating. 

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